Advanced Level Security Personnel

Whatever your Security needs, we can accommodate them. Specific Security problems may require specific sets of skills in the personnel employed. Coupling the almost 80 years of Security, Law Enforcement, and Military experience of our leadership team with decades of experience developing and conducting training programs we will produce the right fit for your needs. Need someone who can detect shoplifters, investigate customer complaints, audit internal receiving processes, and your employee safety program? We can provide them. Need someone to greet your guests and make them feel welcome and safe, while at the same time deterring criminal activity with their mere presence. We can provide them. When it comes to matching our clients Security needs cost effectively to the right human resource, we stand second to none.


Criminal and civil cases, Internal business or corporate matters, insurance investigation, missing persons. When you need to know the truth, we can get you the answers. Our Investigators use their decades of experience to provide you with thorough, complete, and discreet results. When a retired Marine needed to locate a family member estranged for decades to inform them of the imminent death of a family member, we found them. When a corporate buyer was diverting advertising funds to a personal business, we uncovered the scheme. When a fraudulent check cashing gang victimized businesses for tens of thousands, we identified them, and built a case for successful prosecution. From violent crime to white collar crime to proving the falsely accused innocent we can get the job done.

High Value Transport/Escort Security

Cash and jewelry are not the only things at risk of theft or damage moving from point A to point B. Internal corporate documents, negotiables, family heirlooms are but a few others. A police report is a poor replacement for your property once it is taken. When it absolutely, positively, has to get there, Alliance is your clear choice. We don’t have or drive the trucks, we’re the ones who protect them. We can also escort your personnel safely into areas their job calls them to be but pose a higher than normal risk. 

Hostile Termination Security

The termination of an employee is never a pleasant affair. And even more unfortunately, the news is filled with too many such events that turn violent and even deadly. In this situation even the fastest Police response will probably be too late.  The presence of our highly trained and discreet Security Operators can deter most violent outcomes. Should the worst happen, Alliance will protect you and your personnel from harm.

Executive/Personal Protection

Our Protective Operatives can give you the confidence to live your life without the fear of violence or harassment. Stalkers, violent ex-paramours, disgruntled former employees, the list is endless. They can suddenly and tragically intrude on your life. Celebrities, politicians, sports figures and high ranking military personnel have benefitted from the protection of our operatives. Close personal protection when properly done is an art form, best handled by professionals. Trusting your safety to that “big guy in receiving” or the cousin who got his black belt a couple years ago may not yield the result you intend.

Special Events Security

We make it easy for you and your guests to enjoy the event without fear or harassment. When a tavern owner wanted to close off a municipal block for a party to celebrate a sporting event, the permitting process was daunting. One requirement was a security plan acceptable to the municipality. The tavern owner called Alliance. We provided a plan that was deemed very acceptable and the permit was granted. On the day of the event Alliance Security personnel insured that the event took place without incident. Whatever the nature of your event, our personnel will ensure its safety and security.


We can help you design a comprehensive Security/Safety/Loss Prevention Program and then train your personnel in every aspect. When a regional retail corporation realized their failure to remain profitable was attributable to theft, merchandise damage, and employee accidents, they knew it was time for drastic change. One of our consultants created a customized known loss program that allowed them to pinpoint and then address the causes of theft and damage in an effective manner. Our consultant then addressed the exurbanite worker compensation costs. Through the systematic revue of past accidents, a safety program was developed. Once implemented, the program dramatically reduced worker compensation losses and had the added bonus of drastically reducing customer injury. Savings for our client from the development and implementation of these two programs were measured in the millions.

Disaster Preparedness/Recovery

Unfortunately, disasters are something most businesses don’t start planning for until it is too late.  Natural catastrophes such as fire, floods, and hurricanes happen.  Man-made catastrophes such as terrorist attacks and civil unrest can strike with little to no warning.  Businesses survive these events because they have prioritized the development and implementation of a comprehensive disaster preparedness plan.  Virtually every Fortune 500 company has done this in the event that the unthinkable suddenly become reality.  After a disaster, insurance companies will often look for reasons to deny a claim from your business.  Don’t let the lack of a preparedness plan be that reason.  Our team can develop a plan specific to your needs. We can also be there in the event tragedy strikes to serve as your guide through the process of recovery.  Let our years of experience aid your business in being ready for anything that comes your way.